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Feb 22, 2003
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After bidding and losing out on auction after auction over the last 2 years or so, I "finally" won a Fin Alignment Guide. Cost me a pretty penny, but considering how rare these are any more, and how much I enjoyed using it years ago, ones finally coming back into my possession.

I was going to hold off and bid on the other auction that has one, but with the extra stuff, I figured I did pretty good. The last 2 that I saw on Ebay went for 65 and 74 bucks..

This one came mounted, which I really like, and looks to be in excellent condition. In any case, with this arriving soon, I'm considering casting an extra set or two. Maybe I'll cast a few extras for the community, once I check with Estes.

Yeah baby !

I've had mine for years...I guess since they came out...
I just wanted to suggest that you keep the flanges lubricated...I use dishwashing liquid...keeps it smooth and slippery...when you're using it...

I know because after having it set up for a while, one piece got stuck and I sorta cracked the flange off trying to get it out of the slot....bummer...but it still works...!!!

It's the best for alignment of small to medium size fins...absolutely no guesswork... I had no idea they're so exspensive now...

We could in fact, maintain a full time thread on items ESTES could still make money on if they would (or could) continue to produce...!!!

Again... Congrats on a great find...!!!
I have one...somewhere...I haven't used it in years.

I haven't used mine in so long, I didnt know they were such a hard to find item
Thanks ..8)

I found two hobby stores that "had" them listed, and both were long out of stock. One company in Australia has one for 65 bucks. Of course, with shipping to the States, I could buy a couple of Sandman's Little thinks. 8)

Thanks Steward for the tip on Dish Soap..I wouldn't have remember to watch for that problem.


No really...I was ...just thinking...
With the exception of maybe a few larger rockets (that just wouldn't fit), I haven't built a rocket without using the fin guide...That's alot of rockets....LOL
It always sits prominant on my work space...
Silverleaf, if you do succeed in casting some, I'll be interested!


And to think I saw one in a hobby shop a couple of years ago. I almost bought it. Haven't been able to find one since and refuse to pay $60 for a piece of plastic on eBay.

That fin marking guide they sell now is a joke!

Sometimes I hate eBay. What used to be easy to find at swap meets, garage sales, and thrift stores is now on $bay. :(

I've already got an idea how to cast it, just that once I have it in my hands to verify the process I can go from there. I'm leaning towards a two piece casting, with the bottom a bit more solid. The tricky part will be claying the slots so that they are cast properly.

I still need to contact Estes to ask permission since I'd prefer to have their blessing on such a project. Granted it wouldn't be a massive run, just a few for the fine folks here at TRF.

I'll be sure to post a follow-up once I know a bit more.


Believe me, I didn't want to pay this much for it either, but my eyes aren't what they used to be, and this will help a ton. 8)

Holy Smokes! Wow ! amazing! Man:
If I'd realized folks would pay over 60 bucks for this plastic piece of junk, I'd have made an aluminum one years ago!
Silver! did you get the plastic fin holding clips with the base and adjustable slide in panels..and at least a kiss.. Woooo!
Well maybe your not that crazy if you end up casing and selling some... I looked at the old package from my OLD fin alignment guide 9.95..
Sorry e-bay buyer just slay me!!! Ol'e P.T. Branum was Right!

Micro, I didn't get the kiss, but I did get a smooch from my Cocker Spaniel this morning. 8)

So, how dificult would it be to create one in a scaled up size...say for HPR applications...??? That would be cool...!!!
The fin alignment guide is fragile, so be careful. Also, make sure you use the spacers if you are using thin balsa for fins. The alignment will be off if you don't.
Hey I got one 2 years back for $20 plus $5 for shipping never really used it but I broke one of the alignments on it so I can oly do 3 fins. Rocketman 13
mine doesnt seem that fragil, but I could be wrong, it didnt work that well because it wasnt prefectly aligned and the glue dripped, learning to use it is hard in itself (in my opinion)

My uncle was a learned user and he turned out some really really nice rockets.

Maybe it is a preference thing