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Jun 5, 2009
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Due to Regime Change at work, and the rise to power of a tyrannical regime, I've been putting in 60-65 hours the last few weeks and havent had much of a chance to get any rockets done.

But finally I just knocked a few off.

1) Peter Alway-design Simplified Vostok. Done "Q+D" just for fun.

2) Sandman's Fun-Scale Saturn IB. (Very fun to build. ;) )

3) Estes Mercury-Redstone - just never had one, wanted to build it.

4) "Big Daddy," my 1969 Centuri Saturn V, (built and flown in 1994) comes off the shelf to make it a cool looking picture... ;)
back in the day...

that's a nice group of scale and semi-scale rockets!
So from the looks of the picture I'd say the Saturn 1B and the Vostok ore close to the same scale.

Looks great!

How about a bigger picture?
Originally posted by sandman
So from the looks of the picture I'd say the Saturn 1B and the Vostok ore close to the same scale.

Looks great!

How about a bigger picture?

I'll have to post the pic somewhere else first... i guess you can only upload 182K images here.

LOL... well, YOU should know what scale the Saturn IB is... ;)

The Simplified Vostok is supposed to be 1/100, so it should actually be the same scale as the Saturn V.

The MR is 1/35th I think.

My mad scheme is to assemble a complete 1/100 "Man In Space" flying scale collection, then launch 'em all at a demo. All right in a row - Vostok, Mercury, Voskhod, Gemini, Soyuz, Apollo, Shuttle, Shenzhou...

I already have the Apollo-Saturn V, of course - that's the cornerstone of the set. (I've got another edition of the kit waiting to be built - I think I'm gonna build and fly that one, and permanenly retire the '69 Centuri. It would break my heart if that one fell down and went boom. :eek:)

I also have a 1/100 Estes Saturn IB kit in my shop ready to be built - I think I'm going to clone it and scratch build my own version. I ordered a couple of Apollo CMs from Moldin Oldies so I should be able to get going on it.

I got a Neubauer 1/100 Mercury-Redstone (mini-engine size), I'll have to scratch-build Mercury-Atlas and Gemini-Titan versions. Being as small as they are, that shouldn't be a totally impossible task.

The Alway Vostok, of course, is 1/100, and can be 'adapted' into Voshkod and Soyuz versions. That'll take care of the Soviet side of things.

And, I ordered a Tamiya 1/100 Space Shuttle Orbiter, so all I'll have to do is model the external tank and SRBs, (I'm thinking dual E power would probably do it) and I'm set for a Shuttle...

I'll probably get another copy of the Tamiya kit and see if I could 'fudge' it into an Energiya/Buran... ;)

Then, scratch build a 1/100 Shenzhou/Long March, and I'll be all set... a complete 1/100 set of every manned spacecraft ever launched....

I also have the AMT 1/200 'Man In Space' plastic model kit set waiting to be built - Mercury-Redstone, Mercury-Atlas, Gemini-Titan, Apollo-Saturn IB and Apollo-Saturn V. Building the kits is a snap - I did it when I was about 14 and it took me about three hours to build 'em all. There are also 1/200 Shuttle kits out there - I could turn that into a PMC project.

But I've already got enough on my platter....

:D :D :D