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May 8, 2012
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Southern Calif
Lately my life as been pretty busy as most of you can relate and its nice to have some FREE time on my hands to get back into building, but unfortunately for the next week southern California will be in the triple digit's, so the two kits I had out in the garage I brought in the house, not wanting the balsa to warp, at least I think it would. I've been trying to build some of the kits I had laying around (Mostly 24s) and its fun knowing it won't drain my wallet when I decide on flying them. I seem to go back and forth between flying the 38's and 29s to the 24s. Any good boost is a rush weather big or small.

I've been out of the building now for the last 4-5 weeks. Just not much's always fun to pick it up again.:)

Actually its nice to come on here and surf the threads and see all the old faces again.
Retirement is good my friend. Revel in it's joy and remember you earned it!


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