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Feb 13, 2004
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Well y'all I'm finally getting to the pics.I have loaded them onto my Fotki site today.Here's the link:
As you can see some of this is in the middle of finishing or minor repairing.I would have had everything done but it has been nothing but foggy,nasty,drizzly weather here ever since last Monday evening so painting windows have been rare..Not this past but LAST Monday.The worst part is that I normally like that kind of weather but not NOW! I'm just hoping that the Battlepark field isn't too muddy to fly in tomorrow.
I have managed to get pics of just about everything.However,there are a few still to show.These include my 29 mm Really Really Mean Machine and my PML Black Brant VB.I also didn't get a pic of my Sprint c lone yet either.I'll try to get some pics of them tomorrow.They are both too big for my "studio"! LOL!!!!!!
While none of these rockets are what I'd call perfect by any means each one does have something about it that is a little better than the ones before.IMO it's my paint techniques that still need the most work.I'll get it sooner or later.
BTW I would have had one of Astronboys Goony Maxs to show but for some reason both of the cans of Rustoleum Sunrise Red have developed a nasty "spitting" habit.Probably the temperature?It did great on my Lil Nuke and my Big Red Max.When I went to spray the Goony it just sorta acted like it wanted to spit like a garden hose that is just gettin fired up.This left the surfaces with what looks to be teeny tiny little bubbles(?) all over it and the appearance and feel of fine sandpaper.Any thoughts?
Well anyhow there they are and there's still more to come.