Finally got me one of them motorized horse things.

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Jul 8, 2014
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I've wanted a bike for a long time. Had a fixer-upper briefly in '03, but had to get rid of it before I ever got to ride it. Now I've got an '84 Goldwing. Now I'm trying to figure out how to carry rockets on it...

You can carry a mess of 13mm powered rockets in them saddle bags and trunk! And an Estes launch pad with the two-piece 1/8" rod would probably fit too. :wink:
That's really cool. My username is blackwing94. I used to have a 1994 black Goldwing Interstate. Loved that bike.

Live to ride. Ride to eat.
Great looking bike. How many miles on her?
I've always wanted a Goldwing, but my budget only permitted Elsinors.
It was safer doin it in the dirt anyways.
Riding a Goldwing is like having a Cadillac in Chevy neighborhood.
I know they haul a$$, even with 2 people on them.
My cousin once owned one of them in-line 6 cylinder.
CBX maybe? Way too much bike.
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wear helmets and gear folks! I used to have a 1989 BMW K75C.. until I went flying off it at 50mph on the interstate.
nice bike and nice rides!
might wanna lift the drivers backrest up for a more comfy ride. :)

theres some good goldwing forums,too, if/when ya may have issues with electrical.
It has about 58k miles. Cost me a bit more than I initially wanted, but it is much better shape than most other things I was looking at.

As far as gear, dress for the slide, not for the ride.
Wow does that look clean as heck...
It looks like it's been garaged it's whole life...
Good for you Tony..
Enjoy the heck out of that bike,,
Be safe man..