Finally getting my winter builds finished

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Jan 18, 2009
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This is one that I've been wanting to build for a long time, the Shrox Star Shuttle. I made a few modifications to it, I enlarged the wings on the glider and added a second ventral fin. A Semroc baffle was also installed. The plans did not have the decal files, so I created my own. Can't wait to see this bird in the air.

Shrox Star Shutle 1.jpg Shrox Star Shuttle 2.jpg Shrox Star Shuttle 3.jpg
Also finished up some Semroc birds.
The Tau Zero. This little one really scoots. A very pretty design.
Tau Zero.jpg

The SPEV. Made one major modification, using a 1" Forstner bit, I drilled through the center of the large transition and created a Flis style baffle by gluing in 4 plywood half circles. The rocket now separates at the second transition.

The Defender. This is a pretty light rocket for a 3 engine cluster. A's and B's will probably be the engines I fly her on the most, unless I have a really big field to fly in.
Managed to finish off some new Goonies as well.

The Goonrona. Put her up the other day on a B6-0 to B6-4 combo. The booster was very stable, separation was clean, the sustainer flies straight, but with a bit of coning. I may need to make an adjustment to the nose weight.
Goonrona 1.jpg Goonrona 2.jpg

The Fire Goon
Fire Goon.jpg

The Top Goonie
Lastly, I finished my Dr. Zooch Atlas Agena. This is a pretty model and compared to some of the good Doctor's other kits, relatively easy to build.
Zooch Atlas Agena.jpg Zooch Atlas Agena 2.jpg

I'm currently working on the Dr's. Lifting Body and got diverted by the thought of doing an upscale. The fins are proportionately larger. It glides fairly well for a LB. For the booster, I'm thinking something along the lines as the booster for the Shrox Star Shuttle.
Lifting Body upscale 1.jpg Lifting Body upscale 2.jpg
Awesome work blades, well done bud :) I cant wait to see flight pictures :)

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