Finally fixed my AT Initiator -- Maybe it's too Subtle Now

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El Cheapo

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Jan 20, 2009
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Last October, first mid-power flight, my brand new Initiator suffered a pretty decent zipper from a non-existant delay charge on a G71. I finally cut out the old BT and stretched it from 39" to 46". I went with my original paint scheme. The first time I used gray primer instead of white and it turned out almost green instead of flourescent yellow. The nose cone crackled when I tried to clear coat and the fins crackled when I applied primer. It was a nightmare so I just decided to fly it anyway.

Finally it's the way I want it. Pictures posted are of it's first and only flight, one of the two zippers and the finished 7" stretch. As you'll notice, the paint is so bright I had to put it in the shade to get a decent shot. It weighs in at 19oz. Hopefully I can buy another Redline off of someone at the SSS launch on Saturday. The red flame trailing behind ought to look awesome in photos. If not, I've got a G33-J pr G65-W I can fly it on.




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I love that Redline launch pic! And I really like the new paint scheme. I should pick up an AT kit someday...
WOW the flouresent looks awesome.. you wont ever loose that one!

It might be to late, but I can do Initator decals in any color combo you would like. that would look really hot with blue and green fin stripes...

Did Aerotech warranty your motor? they are really good about that.

Yes, they did as a matter of fact. They sent me another G71R as a replacement as well as a new Initiator kit even though I expressed that this one could be fixed. There service was so good, I even got a follow up email saying that the replacement may also be questionable. To weed out any future problems, they sent me a G78G on top of it and stated they would not warranty that specific G71 should I try to use it. I've been trying to contact them to see if the numbers for that replacement G71R had been better documented to see if it's still useable. I believe the fella I spoke to was Mark. He sure is an asset to AT's customer service....LOL