Finally did something with those booster pods

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Bone Daddy

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Oct 3, 2009
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I had these 4 booster pods sitting on my workbench for months. They were originally slated for a booster I was building, but that project ended up going in a different direction so they were orphaned.

Friday I received my first parts order from Semroc (those guys do rock) and it included a free Javelin. So with body tube already cut and a nosecone with no place to go, this chimera sprung into being.

Should have it painted up and ready to fly for the weekend. Been flying alone lately. Our last two club launches - Dallas Area Rocket Society - were scrubbed because of rain and/or mud. We have a contest scheduled for this weekend. So far the weathers been good.

post 2 pods.jpg

post pod detail.jpg

post pre assembly.jpg

post pre fin.jpg
Interesting picture in the background. The one in blue ink it looks like. Is that one of them there fancy rocket powered fly-swatters? Or maybe it's one of those cage grilling accessories where you put the food in and then stick it over the fire. Are you planning a Mach 1 hot dog cook-out at the next launch? :)

Looks like you got some great looking projects brewing. Thanks for letting the rest of us take a peak at what you're up to.

And now on to my real question. Are those plugs in the boosters or is that just a piece of 1/8" balsa glued over the top?
Over time I've become quite adept at working around my many handicaps. This is one example. Since I could never measure a piece of balsa, cut it out and even hope it might fit, I did it like this:

Cut the tubes at a 45
Glued a roughly rectangular piece of balsa on top
When dry, I trimmed to fit with a razor blade
Sanded for final shaping

Not the most elegant approach, but it works.

The rocket in the back was the sketch for the first rocket I built since rejoining the fold this summer. It's the bastard son resulting from the mating of a Big Bertha and the Explorer satellite. I'll post some pix later.
The little guy with the red nose cone in the background in the last photo looks interesting. What is it?

It's actually the booster stage for a two stage rocket I'm finishing. The nosecone is for the second stage. It's just parked there so I don't lose it. I'll post pix when it's finished.