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May 6, 2009
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Today is the first day in about 2 plus weeks that it hasn’t rained or been really windy because of a front blowing through. So, what do I do? Of course, gather up all of the rockets that haven’t been launched yet and give them all their maiden voyage. I was by myself, so there are no smoke trails to look at. (short notice and everyone was busy, including the wife who just rolled her eyes and said, “No, you go and have fun.”)

First up is the first rocket that I designed myself. It’s 7” tall and runs on a 13mm motor. I have been really nervous/scared to launch it cause it’s so light and small. My concerns were right on. It flew on a ½ A3-2T. I never saw it leave the pad. I heard the ejection, but didn’t find it in the air until about ½ way down. This thing is really FAST! And small!
Next up was my 13mm Cardstock Sprint. Also loaded on a ½ A3-2T. Beautiful flight. Not high, but my field was small. It looked like it went probably 300 ft. Only problem was the streamer didn’t fully deploy. No damage. Next I want to put it up on an AT10. Not until I get to a bigger field and another set of eyes. The paint job is still yet to be decided.
Third, is the 13mm cardstock V-2. Also on a ½ A3-2T. Great flight. Slow and stable. Perfect landing. I then put it up on an AT10 and had another great flight. Better altitude; however still slow enough to watch it all. This one is really fun to watch.
Finally, I put up the 18mm Cardstock Sprint on an AT10 with an adaptor made for a spent 18mm casing. It went just like the rest of the flights, no problems. THEN- I decided to fly it on an A8-3. Went up straight as an arrow. Drifted a little on decent and landed in a rocket-eating tree. It’s stuck about 20 feet up in a 25-foot pine tree. I considered climbing for it for a second, but only one second. I’m 5’ 10” 275lbs AND by myself. Not much of a decision there.

This is the rocket that I was thinking of using for my NARTEK bronze for streamer and parachute duration. It was at 19 seconds on a streamer when the tree ate it and the streamer was not that big. Guess I’ll be FORCED to build another. It wasn’t hard to build, just time consuming, but lots of fun. I’ll build it better (and lighter) this time.

Hope I didn’t bore you with my ramblings. Moral of the day – know when to say when!
Glad you got a break in the weather and had a good time. Soon I will be lamenting my lot while you in the Great State of Texas continue flying!
Glad to see that you got some good flying weather. It's getting pretty cold up here so I'm probably done until spring.

Nice job on your cardstock models. Now that you've launched your 13mm V2, you're going to have to make an 18mm version.

Delta 7 studios has a free download of a Mercury Redstone that is a great 13mm flyer.

You can find it here:

You should come out to the NARA field in Acton. A cub scout pack that built the Triskelion is flying out there at 1:45. I'll be there with the styro rocket and tri-glide to launch with them :)

Should be a great day, actually!
It's rainy, windy, and nasty outside right now in N. TX. Anyway, I am stuck inside trying to un-clog the kitchen sink. What fun.
Sorry to hear of the tree incident. No rocket deserves to 'die' that way (left hanging out in the weather). If it's low enough, have you tried a rope and a brick? One of the other guys here on TRF uses a spin-casting rig with a lead sinker on the end to try to hit near the right branch. Good luck!
Its funny that your wife rolls her eyes like that. Last time I asked my wife to go she just rolled her eyes and said no thanks you kids go and have fun. I think when she said kids she meant me to.

I've only been flying rockets for a few months now and my wife thinks it's "good for me to have a hobby." She has been with me several times when I've gone and launched, but she usually laughs at me the whole time when I get excited about it. She says I am like a little kid. I work with kids all day, so I guess they rub off on me.

She also likes to walk through the room or when I show her my newest creation to tell me that they are "PHALLIC". It's her way of kidding with me about them. :D