Fin Mounting to PVC, Need Advice !

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Apr 28, 2004
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Has anybody used a product such as JB Weld to to mount Al fin brackets to PVC ? I was going to use screws to mount the fins but I am not able to do that. I checked on the West Systems products but they don't recomend metal to PVC mounting. Any ideas regarding adhesive choices ?


About the only thing that sticks *reliably* to PVC is more PVC with PVC cement... :rolleyes: (And FWIW, PVC cement works by actually melting the surface causing the pieces to fuse together when it dries...)

The only thing I could even begin to think that would work reliably is polyurethane glue (never tried it on PVC though) since it claims to stick to pretty much anything. Downside to poly glue is that it expands (like a foam) as it cures. It has some use in rocket construction but should always be used with care. Gorilla GLue & Tite-bond are a couple different manufacturers of poly glue.