filler around paper body tubes and plastic fins???

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Jan 22, 2009
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Could someone give me a good recommendation on what type of fillers to use around a paper body tube plastic fins after they have been glued to make them look better and hold up?
I use Apogee's Epoxy Clay and like it a lot. Roll a thin little sausage of the clay, place it at the junction of the fin and body tube, then drag a popsicle stick along the length of the clay and fin, and perfect fillet! The only hard part about using it is that it's very sticky so you have to keep wetting your finger.

Tim is right in his ad, though, I always use less than what I thought I would use. Really good stuff.
I use a similar epoxy clay to the Apogee stuff. I like it alot and it is EXTREMELY strong! I left a leftover bit on an old bathroom tile, and after it set, I broke the tile trying to get it off :eek: