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Jan 17, 2009
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Hey, I haven't been too active in a while...kind of lost interest since I haven't been able to do much lately. However...can anyone recommend me a good, reliable file recovery software I can use to recover around 200 pictures from my camera's memory card? I uploaded them to my desktop and cleaned out my memory card, intending to back the pictures up tomorrow onto an external HDD. The pictures were some extras I took in Korea that didn't get to backed up yet like the other 800 or so did, but mostly from my brother's birthday party from yesterday. My dad decided to restore the computer's hard drive with a backup since it kept crashing, but he wasn't aware of the new material I put on it, so now all the pictures I didn't back up are lost.
Go to the SanDisk & Lexar websites -- one of them has a download which will do exactly what you're looking for.

Thanks. I did look around on Google for the free ones. I'm just afraid of getting viruses and such from them.
Loads of good safe free software under the FREE tab and plenty of even better Software under the SHARE tab with 30 day trial periods etc. I use lots of stuff from there for photograhic, music and just computer management.

Good luck getting them back, I know the feeling well.

Just checked and found this if you are quick
Had 21 hours left on the availablity at 10.20pm NZ time.
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