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Jan 18, 2009
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Not bad for seven bucks (I think)...!!!

This was brought about because at a previous launch....
the kids were standing around.... (with a bunch of rockets just laying around on the ground) and as the sound of a "D" went off... it apparently scared one of the kids and she jumped back and landed on several different rockets....trashed quite a few....

Live and learn...LOL
Nice looking - does it break down for transport/storage?
Looks very nice, very smooth looking paint job. I just hope that no kids fall on it without rockets on those rods; rather painful.

The dowels will come out with minimal effort... but it really doesn't breakdown... I usually always have my pickup to go to launches, so transport is not a problem...

I can see where if all you have available is a car... well that's not good...

My neighbor just pointed out that in between use... it could hang on the garage wall... and the dowels are in fact long enough to keep the rockets secure while horizontal... I didn't plan on that while building it... but sounds good to me.

The biggest problem is... I'm already going to need another one...

I was just thinking about building something extremely similar to this m'self...

I have the "luxury" of driving a pickup ('97 Ranger with > 125K miles) so transporting it is not an issue. However, I was going to hold the pieces together with a lag bolts & wing nuts (but afix the dowels permanently). Easy disassembly for storage in the garage ;)

Just as I thought... it's not big enough...

Then again... I guess I don't have to have or carry all of my rockets to the field each time we launch...
I should just pick a few for that day....

Naw...!!! It's too small...LOL

Very nice work!
Here's how I designed my full size model, stackable, interlocking field/transport racks.
Each is 4 feet long so it can be carried in one hand "loaded" with models in either the horizontal or near vertical levels. Holes in the swivel out legs allow for standard 1/4" round tent stakes to prevent even high wind turnovers, and up to 4 racks will slide together, interrlocking into sort of a square where that same 4 stakes hold the 32 model group.
Each is constructed from a single 1" x 3" by 8'-0" yellow poplar board, 1 - 1/2" dia x 36" hardwood dowel, 2 - 10/24" x 2" round head machine screws with wing nuts, 11 - #8 x 1-1/4" flat head wood screws, some yellow carpenters glue and clear polyurethane finish. I made 10 of these racks which have served me very well for a long time, several have been given away to fellow rocket flyers over the years. I still have the five a regularly use. If memory serves me I think I spent about $60.00 for the lot but that was over 15 years ago:D I made up enough 18mm and 24mm burnt motor casings (sanding down the nozzle end to slip into the motor mount without stretching out the motor tubes) to sleeve over the 1/2" dowels to handle 13, 18 and 24mm motor mount models.
The design allows the fully load racks to be carried to and slide into my Van for transport, Taking up an 18" x 63" area of van floor space..PLus hangover fins of course:D leaving plenty of room for launcher equipment, batteries and such. These racks makes it quick and easy loading and unloading on the field and at the house. When not in use the racks stack together alomst flat on a shelf out of the way.
Hope this helps
thank you guys for the idea... im now working on one i could hook up to some sort of trailer on my bike