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Jan 25, 2004
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Hey, my dad want's to know if anyone has fiberglassed the inside of there tubes. My dad modified and Estes V-2 for a 29mm and he wants to fiberglass the inside of the tube. How hard or easy is this and any tips??
definetly not easy KK271...

use the epoxy to coat the inside of the tube. The fiber glass you plan to put on the inside needs to be rolled up. You do that so you can roll it out inside the tube. Then roll out a layer of wax paper over the glass once the glass is completely "wetted" out. Then inflate a balloon inside of the tube to hold the glass against the tube...pop balloon in 12 - 24 hours, and remove it and the wax theory, the wax paper will only stick a little to the epoxy.

I have used this method to put Kevlar(R) inside of coupler tubes to reinforce electronic bay set-ups.
i did it, wasnt too hard. I thought I would be able to pull it off by simply sticking the FG in there but I was wrong. I didnt have a balloon so blew up a small trashbag (wallmart kinda thing) and it worked well, there were a couple lines where the bag folded. I dont think the balloon will stick to the epoxy.

The only problem here, how are you going to fit the NC inside with the FG ?

I did it inside a coupler so it wasnt a problem