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Justin Horne

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Jun 23, 2004
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Well, as some of you may know, I decided to glass my Jaguar a few weeks ago. Having never done it before, I read almost everything on this board I could find on it, and a few websites. It all helped, and I found one reall good website which had many pictures. :) (Actually, if I remember right, it was a link from these boards.. Link )

Well, I bit the bullet, followed the instructions directly, and success! It was not nearly as hard as I expected! Everyone who said that sure was right. I have now managed to glass 3 tubes (two for the jag, one for a horizon) and they all came out really well. I used the Slow West Sys. hardener, I might switch to the fast though. Either way, for everyone thinking about it, go for it, it's pretty easy.

One question, the tube still seems to compress pretty easily after 1 6 oz layer, is this normal??
Also, the nosecone now seems to be way too small (OD of tube is bigger than NC. ) What should I do here? lots of Kilz?
Thanks again!

Originally posted by Justin Horne
I used the Slow West Sys. hardener, I might switch to the fast though.
Based on my experiences, you're much better off sticking w/ the slow.
OKay, 2/3 of the rocket is done. 1 layer of 6 oz, one of 4. I really got a lot of strength from this! the once flimsy thin cardboard are now very strong and don't compress much at all. I really like this fiberglassing thing..

How much did you pay for your materials if you don't mind me asking?
ive thought about doing this several times but im not sure on some stuff.
Excellent to hear. I've been using the exact same epoxy w/o filler and it works great. Ive used a layer of 6oz followed by a layer of 2oz. I have a rotisserie motor setup like a lathe. It runs slow enough for me to fibreglass but the glass doesn't run. It makes fibreglassing real easy. I might post soon how to make one.