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May 19, 2004
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I am interested in vacuum bagging when fiberglassing fins and body tubes (I already have a foodsaver-type machine), but have very little knowledge about release films. Here are my questions:

1) Do I have to buy a "Release Film" sold by someone who specifically sells composite supplies (eg. West Systems, etc.)

2) If not, could I go to a local fabric store and pick up an alternative (and what do I ask for, specifically)? (I would greatly prefer this option...)

3) If there is a local fabric store alternative, do they generally work as well as the ones specifically sold for composite layups?


Thanks Joel.

I would have never imagined using trash bags as release film. Do you use a breather as well (something like polyester batting)? If so, do you also perforate the plastic so excess epoxy will wick out? I'll have to try this next week...

Elapid, thanks for the link. I think I have seen that one before, and it is a good reference.

Wax Paper also makes a decent release. Epoxy can soak through it under pressure, so make sure that you back it with something to absord the excess, or that can be discarded. I suppose you could perforate it as well.