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Jan 18, 2009
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OK, I'm no noob when it comes to glassing. I'm no expert either, but I do know you mix the epoxy, paint it on the tube, apply glass cloth, smooth out bubbles etc.

So yesterday I was trying to get some glassing done. Did all of the above, but when the ends came together, they wouldn't stick. I added more epoxy, smoothed it out, tried to keep the ends together, smoothed it out, all that stuff

It didn't work. I was using 6 oz. cloth. I've done this method before. I sanded the tube lightly before. My FG pieces were all neatly pre-cut to size. I just do not understand what happened.

I am using West Systems Epoxy with the pumps. 105 & 206. :confused2:
Were you using a roller? A lot of times the roller will pick up the edges at the overlap because there is so much tension. I just tend to slop on more epoxy until it wets out through both layers ("sticks"/lays down). I'll then squeegee the extra off a little later after it gels a bit.
No roller, I brushed it on. Maybe I need a little bit of a thicker layer.
What diameter tube?

There's a bit of a trick with rolling the brush along the edge of the fabric that helps prevent the issue you're encountering. You basically lay the end of the brush down on the end of the cloth, with the end of the bristles near the end of the cloth.

Lift one side of the brush and roll it to the side, so that the opposite side is in contact with the cloth, then lift it off.

It takes a bit of practice, but once you master it, it helps a lot with getting the ends to stay down.