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Fiberglass Nose cones and couplers

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Mar 19, 2015
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Performance G10

5.5" FW Von Karmon nose cone with aluminum tip. Fixed shoulder $100

5.5" x 12" FW coupler. $30

5.5" x 14" FW coupler $30

3" FW nose cone aluminum tip $50

38mm x 48" tubes $30ea

Polecat Aerospace 5.5" 3:1 fberglass nose cone. $25

Polecat 5.5" tailcone $15

Polecat 7.5" tailcone $20


No PMs contact [email protected]
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Email sent for the Polecat 5.5" 3:1 Nose cone & the Polecat 5.5" Tail cone, thanks.

Payment has been sent for the 5.5" x 12" FW coupler. I threw in a few extra bucks to cover PayPal fees... ;)
Do you have any info on the 3" cone? e.g. length, ogive vs Von Karmen. Thanks.
Polecat 5.5" 3:1 Nose cone & the Polecat 5.5" Tail cone received today, thanks very much.