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Fiberglass Mongoose 75mm with Carbon fiber tip to tip fin can!!!!

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Oct 30, 2009
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Hey guys,

I have a all fiberglass with Carbon fiber tip to tip (vacuum bagged) Mongoose 75mm for sale. I have flown it twice and they were spectacular flights. It used 75mm fly away rail guides. Internal motor retention, similar to an aeropack min diameter retainer but I used (2) 1 inch coupler pieces with a 75mm avbay lid sandwiched in between. Uses the Motors threaded forward closure with threaded rod and bolt anchored for the top side. I use an extend socket to tighten the nut. All stainless hardware throughout including the avbay and nose cone. Nose cone has threaded rod from metal tip to avbay lid on nose cone coupler. Easy to customize to your liking. Has terminal blocks for the drogue and main section bought from dog house rocketry.

The rocket has (3) layers of 5.7oz 2x2 twill carbon fiber on fin can on each side. I vacuumed bagged the whole thing using US Composites epoxy. I then had a profession auto body shop do the clear coat and it was baked.

20170812_183700.jpgAv Bay with terminal blocks and stainless steel hardwear


20170812_183522.jpgCarbon fiber fin can

20170812_183553.jpgNose cone lime green. Theaded rod from metal tip to lid

20170812_183621.jpgKevlar shock cord from One Bad Hawk

20170812_183627.jpgShock cord anchored to top of retention
20170812_183652.jpgAv bay

I am asking $300.00 I dont think the kit is offered currently by Mad Cow Rocketry. I originally got it direct for Curtis May of 2017. With the quality of the carbon fiber and with the clear coat I am asking $300 bucks plus shipping. I will be attending Airfest so I can deliver to potential buyer there if buyer is attending.
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I only wish I could afford it......Then I would have to afford to launch it..... :lol:

good luck selling!