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Dec 24, 2003
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As I began my foray into fiberglass, I found one really annoying thing. That was the stuff was hard to cut with the addorted X-Acto Blades and scissors I had around. Thinking the shortest path to a grisly death was to even consider using my wife's $100 sewing scissors, I bounded of to the nearest wally-world.

In the sewing aise I found nirvana

A Fiskars Rotary Cutter

This thing with a mat that is sold nearby glides through fiberglass. It also does a pretty neat job on balsa and it even worked pretty good on a BT.

Try one out, it was the best $13 I have spent.

Those things a scary sharp. They work really well on ripstop nylon, fiberglass, all sorts of papers and fabrics and annoyingly well on fingers. I got my thumb a month ago and before I knew it I had lopped 1/2 my thumb print off and was working on the other 1/2. Still healing. Bled like a stuck pig. Moral - keep fingers away from moving parts.

And those mats are awesome also. I got an OLFA 24" x 36"mat for 40% off at a fabric store :) I was happy.

If you did use your wife's nice scissors, at least you would have seen the instrument that would have done the deed :D


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