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Fiberglass built rocket 4sale


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Feb 3, 2017
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Monkey Island
I built this a couple years ago and flew it a couple times and put it aside. Now my rocketry ventures have taken
me in a different direction (MD) and I would like to pass this rocket on to some one who will fly it. Some of the features are 54mm fiberglass G-12 airframe with a 38mm motor mount, Aeropack retainer, both Kevlar shock cords and 2 chute protectors, a 5' streamer, (don't know the maker) and a 36" thin mill main chute. The av-bay is complete with missleworks sled, and the fiberglass nose cone has a Atterbury Performance nose cone upgrade for tracker.
This is basically a complete rocket and all you need to do is add your altimeter and tracker and fly.
Asking $100 (pay-pal friends)and shipping is free in the US.
Fins are G-10 fiberglass with yellow RocketPoxy fillits and Stickershock decals.
20180129_092616.jpg 20180129_092645.jpg 20180129_092652.jpg 20180129_092700.jpg 20180129_092712.jpg 20180129_093228.jpg
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