Fiber Sock application

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Dec 22, 2003
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What is the best way to put this on a BT? Do I wet out the tube and then pull on the sock, or do I do the opposite? I would like to get the 3 sections all done before Mon if possible but I want them done right also.
I've never even come close to doing what you are doing, but I would imagine this would help-

Exactly what you are doing, but completely different.

I'm guessing you pull the sock over the tube, get everything all nice and straight and smooth, them slather it with the epoxy.

Good luck with the project and let us know how it goes.
I'm tossing around the idea of glassing/CFing a tube in the relatively near future.

I've done a little with CF socks. You pull on the sleeve first then epoxy it.
Thanks bunches,

My first time using the sock method, if I can get the pictures to load I will post some for all to see.