Fiber (glass/carbon) nosecones - measuring interest

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Sooner Boomer

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Mar 21, 2011
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At lunch today, I was discussing making fiber nosecones with a local Tripoli member. He's the local expert in all things fiber. We're looking at doing small production runs of nosecones and other hardware, and would like to find out what sizes are needed/wanted. His production method for nosecones is to build matching halves and bond them together. He can work in either glass or carbon fiber.
I had another conversation with Larry. For right now, he wants to make 'bigger" nosecones - 3" and up, "Because I can't get my hand in anything smaller". We're not trying to capture the market, just help a few folks out and make a little money.


(the official uniform for working fiber materials in Okla. heat)
There are two holes in the market I'm acutely aware of.

1. True Von Karman nose cones in most sizes. There are only a handful of them in a few sizes.

2. Aerobee ogive nose cones of accurate scale fineness ratio. I'm not aware of any. Accurate 3-inch or 4-inch Aerobees would be the 'bee's knees.

I like the lightweight Estes/BMS/Apogee 3-inch tube, but would understand if you thought it made more sense to go with HPR tube size.
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