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Mar 14, 2009
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Do any of you know where I can get my hands on some fiber fin stock? You know, the stuff Centuri and Estes use/d for the fins on the Viking.

I will be flying from a paved surface and I have found the fiber fins a bit more resiliant and repairable than the balsa counterparts.
Personally, I just make my own out of either 110# cardstock or posterboard. You will need fewer layers of posterboard as it is somewhat thicker than cardstock, but the principle remains the same. Be sure to use very thin layers of white glue as it will tend to warp the final product if you use too much. Alternating the direction of each layer will also help since cardstock and posterboard do have a "grain" to them. Once you have the desired thickness, press under a stack of books until dry.
Another forum post recommended posterboard from Staples office supply store. It is really close to the fiber board that Centuri used to use.

It is 1/16" thick and a three-ply laminate.
The plies are white, brown and white. The first white layer (meant to be painted - it is illustration board) is thicker than the third white layer. The middle brown layer is much thicker than the other two.
While it isn't a perfect match to what Centuri and Estes have used, it is the best I've found.
It is big - 3 sheets for around $10.00
1/16" thick X 20" X 30". Item # 438945

Sometimes you can find great fin material at a frame shop. Ask if they have any scrap (framing) mat material. I have bought it in a mat scrap box before. It will be a little stronger than the illustration board from Staples.
I use the backs of used up yellow Legal Pads and such...
Cereal box cardboard is said to work very well for this purpose. Especially if you laminate one side (the unprinted side) or both sides with cardstock.


thanks, guys. I found some nice poster board that should work for this project