FGCTripoli launch 6/19/04

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Jan 18, 2009
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Fort Myers, FL
Just a reminder to any South Florida rocketeers that we will be launching this weekend. So far the weather seems favorable with a 40% chance of rain hopefully in the afternoon.

Check out our website www.fgctripoli.homestead.com for more details.

I personally will be bringing my Binder Stealth assuming I can get a motor for it. I was going to be drag racing my prefect with his Stealth either on I161W's or I211W's.

I've also got my BSD Sprint and an H180W for it and I've got my three PML kits, my Explorer, Matrix, and my Small Endeavour as well as a few of my AT MPR birds.

I've also got some cluster kits, my Fliskits Deuce's Wild, Tres, and Richter Recker. The Tres will definately be going up on three C6-5's.

Last but certainly not least, I usually bring a few of my Art Applewhite oddrocs and fly them on 24mm AT motors, I always get a few oohs and ahhs when I do this.

It's gonna be a blast, I can't wait!!!:D :D :D
I cant wait to go. This will be my first big launch ive ever been to. Now I get to see where this hobby can take me in person.

It never flew.:(

I guess I got busy with all my other stuff but I think it will go up next month. My H180W is an old ISP load and truthfully, I'd like to burn it before it gets too much older.:rolleyes:

On the other hand, it has flown on the H210R so I think the H180W will be pretty much the same as that, just not quite as fast. I do however hear the H220T calling me.:D

I'd love to put it up on an I200W eventually.:D

Only problem is I don't have or know anyone with the 29/360 case although I may end up getting one myself just for this bird.:D
My bad

With the H210R, I used the medium, worked fine, not too early, not too late. Took her up about 2,000 feet.

My H180W has a medium delay so I'm sure it will be ok. I haven't flown the H220T yet but I really want to but I think even with that, the medium shoud be fine. Heck, the motor only has a very brief 1 second burn.

But if I ever do use the I200W, I'll probably go with the long delay.