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Jan 18, 2009
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Man, if only FE didn't need a sig to deliver a darn package. I WOULD have my G40s for the launch tomorrow, if they had not required a signature. Anyone else have this happen to them? I still have a G64, but I was planning on tryng one of the new motors tomorrow.
I think that a sig being required is one of the options that the sender can choose. I am not sure thoguh, I may be getting confused with UPS.
From experience, it seems that once you have signed for something with FedEx, they will leave most packages without needing a signature.

Blue... where are you launching from this weekend?
FedEx always requires a signature. That being said, the recipient can call FedEx while the package is in transit to waive the signature requirement. I do not believe the sender can do so.
I've never had to sign for anything I've gotten from FedEx. My last shipment I received through them, was some H and I's from Wildman. When I got home, they were on my back steps. I really would have thought they would require a sig on hazmat deliveries.

On another note, FedEx is good about putting packages in plastic bags on gloomy days. Something I've not seen USPS, or UPS do.
so far for me ,they usually set it on the back porch , even hazmat packages.
Fed-ex delivered my G-40's on Friday. Left em on the front porch, in the rain. Good thing Aerotech packs things well. Outter box was soaked. But they were packed in an inner box, between them was lots of "snowman poop" biodegradeable peanuts - you know-the kind that melt when they get wet......:mad: