Featherweight Tracker phone Build 192


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Jan 22, 2013
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Build 192 is available for update/install. You should have gotten a notification - unless you have notifications turned off for TestFlight (or off for all apps).

Build notes are here:

[User Build 192]
- Added share button to GPS and TRACK screens. Currently shares Lat/Lon in simple text of values on rocket currently being tracked.
- Fixed crash that occurred with Location Services were not enabled for iFIP
- Fixed crash that occurred on Setting screen when BlueTooth was turned off
- Adjusted top of screen layout all screens.
** Send me screenshot if something doesn't look right **

[Prior Build 186]
- Updates for screen layout on GPS page (jbr)
- Updates for the COMM page for layout and labels (TonyL)
- This build will switch to using the phone GPS for tracking if the GS is turned off or the BlueTooth connection is lost for more than ~5 seconds.
- You obviously can't get Tracker updates with no GS connection, but you can still track with the arrow to the last packet received.
- Indications that you are in 'phone tracking mode' is that the "BattGS" (GS Battery) field will be grayed out. It will display either the last voltage seen for your GS, or "BattGS" if you start iFIP without any GS powered on.
- Contains fix for crash that could occur when using a phone with no GPS connection with a GS2 device (which has no GPS so relies on the phone).
- Cleaned up the text in the Track page a little where there was overlapping fields with gray areas.
- Added display of the firmware dates to the Settings tab

The share option makes it easy to copy/paste the coordinates into other GPS and/or Map apps (verified with Gaia GPS, Apple Maps, and Google Maps).


ps - Note I left build 186 available. You can actually revert to a prior build if you wanted to via Test Flight, but build 192 has a couple fixes and the share option so I would recommend updating to build 192.