FDA Approved Narcan for over-the-counter

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There is no harm in dosing with NARCAN when it is not needed. There is huge harm when not giving it when it is needed.
I support over the counter doses of lead poisoning for drug dealers. Will the FDA approve that?

I don't have to choose to spare them. They made that choice for me.
I am not sure how to handle them. I am partial to military intervention to then our the cartels.
The “u” is supposed to be the Greek letter “Mu”, which looks a bit like the Latin letter u but has a little stem on the left side of it as well.

Yeah, I was being lazy. When I write out calculations by hand, it does look like Mu as it should, but when doing Excel sheets and/or forum posts, I don't bother to do grab the right character. I guess I was mostly meaning I wanted to understand why medical notation was different than typical engineering, programming, physics and chemistry notations I've been used to seeing. I think the reasoning for why they do it differently in medicine is valid, now that I have heard it.
I support over the counter doses of lead poisoning for drug dealers. Will the FDA approve that?

I don't have to choose to spare them. They made that choice for me.
I consider phone solicitors and robocalls worse than drug dealers. Drug dealers don't invade my home and I don't have to visit them. I do have to answer my phone in case it's something important. There is a solution if all providers blocked all calls where the caller ID doesn't match the actual number the call is coming from. :mad:
I am not here to decide whether someone else deserves to die. I have my own faults, but I consider myself lucky that I don't seem to be particularly vulnerable to physical addiction. No virtue, just luck. Someone could just as easily decide that one of my faults is worthy of death. Some people on the internet I've encountered already have, on the basis of some opinion of mine, though none have followed through. Fortunately, not here on this forum.

Two doctors weren't communicating well enough with each other, and each prescribed my grandmother an opiate, for a total of too much. Apparently, getting off the stuff was very difficult for her.

A guy at work's addiction started when he was prescribed an opiate after an injury. Eventually, he got desperate enough to do morally questionable things to obtain a supply, and was fired.

A former housemate sometimes had trouble with opiates. She was a fairly nice person, and doesn't, IMHO, deserve to die. Come to think of it, that was true of another housemate.

Anyone who wants junkies and drug dealers to die should consider that alcohol causes as much harm, if not more. And then there are cigarettes. That's a lot of people to kill, with no guarantee of an improved society after. Probably a degraded society that doesn't value human life.

I suspect that any of us could become addicts if a few of our genes were tweaked, or if our developmental environment was different.

If a few micrograms of fentanyl can be dangerous, I suspect anyone not already a user who encounters it as a fine powder is one sneeze away from an overdose.