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Depending on where I am working, it might be nothing, whatever my Spotify Daily Mix turns out to be, or whatever someone else in the family is watching on TV or listening to. So some variant of rock or metal music, or maybe Thomas the Tank Engine or Fireman Sam.
Nothing specific for working on rockets, but if I have music/audio on whilst working anything I prefer random and (mostly) unfamiliar. When I hear and discover something new that I like, I usually briefly stop working and make a quick note for later deeper investigation.
"Whatever is next in the box.."

2 years ago, a very good friend of mine was clearing out his "music collection". The initial thought he had was to dump his unwanted CDs at the local thrift store & wanted my help to transport them. I'm willing to listen to almost anything, so I asked if I could have them instead.. "Sure!" he said, so I drove them home, and put the boxes of CDs in my build room. SO, now, when I'm in my build room, I grab, at random, a CD from the box & listen to it. Most of the time, it's "OK". but there have been a few keepers, and a few "Nope, not getting past track #1.."

Now, for the context: My friend was a music editor for a local paper back in the late 90's & early 2000's, so he got pre-releases, promos, random give-aways, club mixes, etc.. He was also a DJ, and managed a few bands during his career. And he's pretty heavy / well placed in the local music scene.. His music collection was varied & vast! I was given about 6 milk-crates full of CDs.. and I've been listening, on average, to one a night for the past 2 years!

As of last night, I think I have about 20 left!
I’ve actually been listening to audio books during recent build sessions. Most recently the Wil Wheaton reading of “The Martian” (though the first audio version, read by RC Bray is also very good), Asimov’s “Foundation‘s Edge” and Yahtzee Croshaw’s “Will Destroy the Galaxy for Cash.”

added: when I put on music it's usually Mike Oldfield or Jean-Michel Jarre.
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Music genre depends on the task at hand and my mood.
Classical: Most often listened to when I am designing in OpenRorcket, conceptualizing a modification or doing meticulous work.

Hard Rock/Heavy Metal/DubStep: Aggressive music needed when sanding, fixing a big mistake or using power tools.

For general building sessions I prefer a very eclectic mix. Most anything from classic rock to modern jazz.
Except for a limited set of exceptions, I do not listen to rap, country or opera.
I like Hawkwind and Pink Floyd. At night I may listen to short wave radio.
Necromancing this thread because people need to know there's a band called Helion Prime whose self-titled debut album can be described as "If Carl Sagan wrote the lyrics for a power metal album." There are a few really good ones, but my personal standout song from the album is "Apollo (The Eagle has Landed)."

"Riding on Fire" by Iron Savior is also a great song for rocketeers. "Battering Ram" by same is for the Machbusters among us.
No music lately. Podcasts and a brew. Science Friday, Planetary Radio, Star Talk Radio, basically anything science, travel, or photography related. Oh right... those 2 rocketry podcasts!
Hawkwind, after all most of their music is about space travel.

Heck, I even have a PXR-5 up on blocks in the yard.
I need to travel back to 2216 to get parts for it's Nova drives.
I never even considered putting something on. I learned long ago that if it's music I like then I tend to stop what I'm doing to listen, and if it's music I don't like then why the heck would I put it on? When I need to concentrate on something, no music.

"Battering Ram" by same is for the Machbusters among us.
For mach busters or most any of us (who want music) try Stan Rogers's "Flying". Well, OK, it's actually about hockey, but what rocketeer doesn't appreciate "Going up flying, and going home dying." Listening to this one while driving has a tendency to lead to speeding tickets.
For mach busters or most any of us (who want music) try Stan Rogers's "Flying". Well, OK, it's actually about hockey, but what rocketeer doesn't appreciate "Going up flying, and going home dying." Listening to this one while driving has a tendency to lead to speeding tickets.

"Battering Ram" is actually about Machbusting though...

Opening lyrics:

Riding on a tidal wave of energy and sound,
Crashing through the barrier, the sonic bang will pound.
Last one I built I was listening to this:

For some reason, on launch day it flew like this:

hmmmmmmmm, ssixsixsix
Modern classical, such as music from Star Wars, and radio drama such as Big Finnish Doctor Who
Jazz, especially 50's and 60's small ensembles (trios and quartets) as background. Love that walking bass. And bebop.
Sometimes I'll put on a webradio station like "Streaming Soundtracks", especially when painting. Go figure.

No lyrics or podcasts, as the words tend to distract
Last week was the 40th anniversary of the B-52s release of Wild Planet. My favorite is their first album with Planet Claire.

"She drove a Plymouth Satellite
Faster than the speed of light"

It's not for everyone!
Back in my high school days, I used to build rockets late at night while watching/listening to UFO on an old Black and white TV. I was wan't until the Millenium that I knew about the colored hair thing.
I don’t think it was mentioned yet
But the guy on YouTube called
Everyday Astronaut has Some music apparently he made up you can get on iTunes
The music is all instrumental and has a good vibe drums guitar, electronic sounds pretty good stuff