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Jan 25, 2009
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Hey all,

I got to thinking last night about some of my favorite MILITARY missiles, and I had to share them, and wanted to hear from the rest of you on what you liked/disliked in both lines and to model.

I like the Russian SA-2 Guideline. with all of the fins on this sucker, it's sweet!. It also seems to have a bit of the Aerobee-Hi in it, just below the transition.

I also like the 'new' version of the Honest John that I've never seen before, the M50 That's just too cool for school! Looks like a PITA to paint, though!

Nike Ajax
Honest John
Pershing A1

I built the NA from plans at Jim Z. It flies really well on D12s, and talk about finnage! Yikes. I have built a K27 HJ with spin thrusters, and of course I have a couple V2s. I have wanted a Pershing for a long time, but never seem to find one when I actually have money to buy it. Aside from the long OOP Estes kit and the Launch Pad with its availability issues, I don't believe I have seen a kit for one. I'd like to build a D-E-F version. A scratch build might be the way to go, but I'd like to see a nice kit version.
Jason, I'm with you on the guideline, I like the rockets/missiles that look a little different, like the pershing,honest john,sprint abm,v2,talos, I really like scale military stuff!
I personally like the HAWK MIM-23A/B missiles.

I absolutely love rockets with black/white contrasting roll patterns.
ANy of the ugly glide-bombs






Nike Ajax
More or less in this order: Navaho G-26, Navaho G-38, AQM-37A Jayhawk, M-31 Honest John, V-2

I personally like them on the unique side

  • BENDIX RIM-8 Talos
  • Nike Hercules
  • Sprint ABM
  • Nike Zeus
  • Hound Dog
Originally posted by jetra2
favorite MILITARY missiles

dis-armed! :)

That said, I like the Bull Pup (even the Estes version) and Phoenix.
Doh! Forgot all about the Hound Dog! Ranks right up there with the Navaho.

Heyyyy! Just noticed I got that nasty "new member" moniker taken off with my 30th post. Yee haw.

So what's the secret handshake?

It has to be the Bomarc!
AIM 54 Phoenix
RIM 67 Standard

Both just look cool to me!
(I even have a Standard mouse pad from a trade show...)

Gotta be the HoJo, both M-31 and the M-50.

and throw in the Ajax, V2, SA-2 and SA-5, and Sidewinder.

BTW Jetra, there were two or three different paint scheme's for both the M-31 and the M-50
My favourites include the three parallel-staged British SAM's of the 1960's and 70's - Bloodhound, Thunderbird and Seaslug. Bloodhound is the best looking, but Thunderbird is a little more suitable for a model rocket because the sustainer was powered by a single rocket motor. So I built one. :) Seaslug just looked plain weird. So if I ever get some decent scale data, I want to build one of those too. :D

I also like some of the German WW2 designs. The V2 is alright, but I prefer the ones which look a bit less conventional. So I built models of the A9 and Rheinbote. (And also the F25 and F55 variants of Feuerlilie, although they weren't really missiles even though they were officially described as such in order to get the funding. They were experimental rockets to get data for the development of missiles. ;))
There was a THUNDERBIRD scale data drawing published years ago in MODELARZ(sp).

I really like the Standard Missile with the strakes. Also, the new PAC-3 has gotten me interested in building one....full scale.