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Jan 27, 2009
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I have two fat boys and have built one stock. I want to add a 24mm engine mount to the second one. When I do that I plan on using CA on the fins and Epoxy on the engine mount. Is there anything else I should do to strengthen this rocket?

Thanks in advance for your suggestions,

I built one with a cluster of 3- 24 mm motor mounts, used epoxy on the motor mount and epoxied the fins in. I didnt think i ws gonna get it back so it has a horrible finish (neon yellow, runs and all) so.....
3-24mm sounds good. Where is a good place to get cluster motor mounts?
The only mod I made to my 24mm Fat Boy (other than the motor tube) was to use 1/8 ply centering rings instead of cardboard ones. Turned out nice and sturdy! I didn't use any epoxy, but I did use CA.
Balsa Machining and Thrustline both have 'em. I think Fliskits does too. (those cluster mounts, that is)
Fliskits has them.... I just used the stock centering rings and traced out how i needed it out... probably a little harder but you cant get it faster!!
Imake my own motor mounts out of 110card stock and then coat with elmers white works great and its cheap also if you mess one up oh well start again.:D chaaeck the fliskits for the M.E. and go for it