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Feb 5, 2009
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Wow! I just got my DSL service up and running. I got a free wireless card and hub for my laptop. I am out in my shop right now at least 80 feet from the hub enjoying high speed without wires! Neat!

I know about the security issues, I have a firewall installed. I just use this one for browsing, nothing I need to be worried about.

Yeah, wireless is definitely the berries. I had one pc connected to cable internet service, and the endless fighting and bickering (I have two teenagers) over the pc just got to be too much to put up with. I got a wired and wireless router, and I now have 2 pc's connected via ethernet cables in the same room with the router and 4 laptops that have wireless cards.

No more waiting, no more having to take turns, no more arguments.

aaahhh... peace and quiet. Ain't technology great.
MAC Address Filtering will help prevent other people from connecting through your wireless hub. Since you're responsible for pretty much everything that happens from your DSL connection, this is a good idea. Check your router's manual.

There's also a system that encrypts the data going over your wireless link, WEP, but I can't get it to work on my piece-of-carp Belkin router.