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Sep 20, 2003
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Had opportunity to launch a few rockets about 1 hour before sunset yesterday. My best rocket buddy, my son, and I headed out to our favorite lunch site, Masterson Station Park.

First off the rod was a freshly painted Custom Redliner on a B6-4, which performed well. We sent up several other favorites over the next hour including a Custom Ventrure, Estes Bullpup, Custom Razor, and Baylen's Tidal Wave. We ended the day with the second flight of the Custom Redliner on a C6-7. Ejection appeared after apogee as evidenced by no only the sound and smoke but by "sparks" as well. This was the last we saw of the rocket. We never did see a chute. Dog gone.

We had nonetheless.
Baylen and I did see another group launching rockets across the way. The last shot they made appeared to have a strobe payload.
We would have liked to made introductions but it was getting late. Perhaps another time.
Glad you were able to launch a few! We wish you could have made it to Etown Saturday, we were tearing the skies up! I managed to get a local field here and launch some more yesterday. A total of 25 flights, 27 motors over the last two days, with only one damaged bird which is already repaired. The weather in KY was definately great for rockets over the weekend.

one of these days, we are all going to be in the same place at the same time and launch some rockets up together...

It turns out that David has some family up in Lex as I do, so we are going to try to coordinate a LexLaunch one of these days.....

Did you launch at the small rocketry field between the ice hockey and soccer fields? Or did you lauch on the other side of the soccer fields across from the dog park...?

shockie B)

I select a location dependent upon the winds.

Yesterday I was adjacent to the LYSA soccer fields near the 90 bend in the road, opposite the dog run. This provides for a vast, mostly obstacle free recovery area. (I still managed to lose one).

Yeah, just let me know when y'all plan to launch in this area. I will be happy to help out (Patrick) in any way I can. Mabey bring some cold beverage on ice...