Familiarity with the Aeron Chair by Herman Miller

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Sep 22, 2014
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Does anyone have any direct experience with the Aeron Chair by Herman Miller ?

Every few years I buy another inexpensive computer chair, which lasts a short time then becomes almost unusable. I have read about and sat in new Aeron chairs in retail showrooms, but never knew anyone who has used one daily in the long term. The Aeron chair is definitely comfortable but also more expensive than other similar chairs.

I am just trying to find out if they are actually worth the extra cost.

I have them in my office. The fully loaded ones, with posture fit in size B. They are awesome chairs and there are a lot of resources for spare parts, or even used broken ones and fix them yourself. I would opt for the larger rollers on a hard floor. It is common for the height adjusting cams on the arms to get a bit loose after a while. But they can be tightened again. Overall they are expensive up font, but over the life they are very reasonable. Compared to other office chairs my experience shows they are both superior wear and quality. Plus they look high end.
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Been using one since 2005. They are worth every penny in my opinion.
I'll try to remember to look at my office chair on Monday. Been using it since 2008, only one I've cared for.
I'll be the voice of decent. We have them in all our conference rooms (and every desk but mine), and the worse thing about a long meeting is not the meeting, but the hip pain after. Admittedly, I messed my hips up playing hockey as a lad, and no one else appears to have this problem, but if you are prone to hip pain you may want to try a different chair.

Now, our board room has Herman Miller Embody chairs, and those things are awesome. Only get in there for a meeting when the C-suite is in it too. Sadly only about 2 of my monthly 10000000000000 meetings are in there.
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I had one for a couple years. I liked it for a while but I developed a sensitivity on the back of my legs where the mesh meets the padding/frame at the front. Now I have a pair of Office Master IU76HD chairs. They run about $450 and have memory foam seats.
someday, I'm going to find a Tanker for a reasonable price...or just steal my mothers with a crane...

Crap!.....I have 2 matched executive Walnut desks with wood Tanker chairs. Or had, I gave them away to get rid of them. Desks were my father & grandfather's matched set. Had no idea what they were worth...till now. Oh well. Kept them around since 1973 when they both retired. Just gave away last fall.
IMO both the Aeron and Leap are great choices and nearly indestructible. I am a bit biased favoring the Aeron, but to each his own. You can avoid paying retail if you are able to find a local used chair on ebay or if you can get to the company store(s) on the west side of Michigan. One word of advice regarding used chairs related to the warranty. I believe that the generous policy of 12 years (bumper to bumper) for the Aeron is only applicable to the original owner. Though, you probably would not need to submit a claim regardless due to their bomb-proof build.