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Sold Fall Cleaning, MidWest Power delivery

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May 15, 2009
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I have managed to accumulate some duplicate nose cones and under-utilized hardware, and now is the time to pass them along. Not planning on shipping anything just yet, this round is intended for face-to-face handoff in the tri-state area (N Illinois, S Wisconsin, NW Indiana), with free delivery to New Berlin sod field or Bong (WOOSH), Princeton (QCRS), or Hughes farm (FVR) launches. I will accept cash, personal check*, or an I.O.U. from known individuals for all transactions. (* No post-dated, third-party, out-of-state starter checks.) Everything listed was purchased new by me, all histories known and proper care/cleaning given. PM me and I'll hold them for you (in the order PM received). Pictures to follow...

(1) SOLD 7.5” Polecat fiberglass nosecone (originally on Patriot, flown 3 times). Painted Valspar satin white, nose weighted and foamed, glassed-in 3/8” plywood bulkhead with U-bolt. 3.27:1 Ogive, 24 1/2” exposed length, 6” shoulder, 6 lb. 9 oz. total weight. SOLD for $50

(1) SOLD 7.5” Performance fiberglass nosecone (originally on scratch Battlestar Pegasus, flown 2 times). Painted Valspar satin white, nose weight added and foamed, glassed-in 3/8” plywood bulkhead with stainless U-bolt. This is a big nose cone… 5.17:1 Ogive, 38 3/4” exposed length, 6 7/8” shoulder, 10 lb. 11 oz. total weight. SOLD $70

(1) 8.0” Performance fiberglass nosecone (originally on Gizmo XL DD, flown 2 times). Painted Rustoleum fluorescent pink* (which in reality is more of a fluorescent red), nose weight added and foamed internally, glassed-in G-10 bulkhead with stainless U-bolt. 3.0625:1 Ogive, 24 1/2” exposed length, 4” shoulder, 9 lb, 11 oz. total weight. (* - remainder of paint in rattle can included) $60

(3) SOLD 7.5” to 75mm centering rings, 3/8” thick baltic birch plywood. One with U-bolt mounted. SOLD $10 for set (three).

(1) SOLD 3.0” Wildman. Finished, painted, decaled as “Fluffy Bunny”, flown three times. Includes 1010 rail buttons, 54mm Aero Pack body, Kevlar harness, and 4.17:1 Ogive nose cone with bulkhead and stainless U-bolt. Ready to fly. nosecone is 12.5” exposed length, 3” shoulder, 13 oz. total weight. SOLD ($70)

(1) Cesaroni 54-6G case, new in original clear plastic tube with decal, never loaded or flown. (Purchased when I planned on converting exclusively to CTI in 54mm, but just can’t seem to give up flying AT K-700W in 64-2580 hardware.) MSRP $105.93, selling at $75

(1) One brand new unused 12' length of 1515 rail. Heavy, ribbed version as in photos below (solid extrusion with one hole in center, not light version with 5 holes or smooth sided version). I needed two (primary and spare) for my trailer pad project, ended up getting three so I have an extra. Selling below my cost, plus don't pay tax or (oversize) shipping. $80

(1) Formula 200 decal. Big, new, unused. Free to first taker. (incentive to read thru the list.)

Screen Shot 2017-10-27 at 9.35.22 AM.png

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Screen Shot 2017-10-27 at 9.28.39 AM.png
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Are these items still for sale? If not, I will change the prefix.
Are these items still for sale? If not, I will change the prefix.

Yes, most are still for sale. The 3" Wildman was sold, but the thread no longer allows me to edit it to reflect that. Is there a time limit or did the new version of forum software reduce functionality?
Yes. Let me know what you want changed and I will edit the first post. It is to prevent users from destroying the content of the forum.