Falcon 9 Completed

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Cool. Looks like they updated it. What are you going to fly it on?
Nice. The graphic on the fairing is a nice update. Mine did not have that and I had to do it myself.

I just built the second kit I purchased, but did not glue the airframe tubes as per instructions. I left them separable (just above the grid fins) to make it easier to transport. I have to pack it in my suitcase so I can fly it at the NEFAR launch in January. Let's see how easy it is to get a model rocket through international airports :eek:
Very cool kit. Nice addition of the F9 logo. I may add that to mine.

I built one but added some 3d printed landing gear and first stage grid fins from Boyce Aerospace Hobbies. Just stick them on with some CA. Flew it first on an Estes D12 then later on an E9.
For anyone wanting to add graphics to the fairing I got mine from here:

You will need to fudge the print sizes around to fit the fairing airframe, probably using some sort of graphic package or a color copier with variable (x and y different) scaling.

I used the SES-10 flight graphics as it celebrates the first reuse of the booster.