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May 25, 2009
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Have any of you created a group or fan group on face book.
I did a few searches there and found very little rocket related.
I haven't been here in a while so maybe I missed it.
I see everyone had to re up their registrations.
I guess I missed that too.
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The reason I mention it is, in my profile I mention rockets as a hobby.
I'd like to add a fan group for this site so the people that would like to learn more about the hobby, would have an easy link to info on it.
You know, spread the word. Lots of people on FaceBook.
I haven't seen that site.
I'll have to sign up.
Everyone there is already into rockets.
I was thinking of the unreached masses.
Most people think of rockets as a kids toy.
This would be a way to show them that there's a lot of us adult kids and maybe they would like to link to some info through a non rocket related site.
When I gain a friend on face book, I look at the groups and fan groups that they belong to.
So I thought someone may have created a group or Rocketry fan group that they belong to..
I found only 2 or 3 very small groups and no site fan groups.
Actually for Facebook, I'll look into starting a special interest group for those who'd like to join.
There is a TARC group on facebook - that's the only reason I joined,but there hasn't been a post in months. since joining 2 old friends have found me - my total list is 5 but I don't know 2 of them!
I'm on Facebook; got in via the collectSpace.com forum page. There's plenty
to cover a wide variety of interest, including model rocketry, space exploration, politics, places of interest, etc. You'll find a number of well known NAR members and model rocketeers, so just give it a try and see what
There's a National Association of Rocketry group on FB, as well as a TARC group. and I've even found a couple of non-affiliated clubs there.