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Zak Orion

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Jul 14, 2003
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I had a F20-4W CATO in May. Ejection charge lit at about 1 sec into boost. Since there was still propellant left to burn, it now burned through both ends, charring the inside of the body tube, and melting the baffle beyond use. The shock cord was burned through and the rocket body fell without chute. Landing damage was slightly unepoxied fin, was easily fixed. I got lucky and that was the only damage. Took Aerotech about month to get new motors. I have yet to fly those. Since the F20 is a 2 pack, I static fired the other one that was left in the same pack as the CATO and it worked just perfect. I static fired it at night and that was cool. Sorry to hear about your loss. Aerotech will probably offer to replace you Initiator or send you parts to repair yours. They did that with me. BTW, this was also my first CATO.
You wanna talk CATO's. I had THREE, yes three Econojet, er, Ecatojet G35's CATO in a row.:mad:

But on the other hand, Aerotech made good out of it and sent me a replacement G-Force.:D

It's only flown on two G64's and a G80. I am absolutely determined not to blow this one up, mostly because I gave it a really nice red and black Rustoleum paint job.
Originally posted by Zak Orion
Had my first mid-power CATO today with a Aerotech F20-7W in a Initiator. The Motor Burned through where the top bulkhead meets the side of the motor.

Sounds very similar to my <a href="https://rocketryforum.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=9874">E30 CATO</a> last Saturday...

Do you have any pics of the motor out of the rocket?

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