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Jersey Devil

Sep 30, 2003
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Can anyone direct me to a good place to get dimensions and some good technical drawings of the F-16? I'm thinking of either making a scale one that will fly and who knows maybe even glide or just make a rocket that has an F-16 look to it. Thanks for any help.
Well, not exactly an F-16...and it doesn't glide.

I was just fooling around one day and built this.

Here's another angle.

She's a little dirty 'cause she's flown a few times.

OK, Jersey Devil, if you want data I have to know if you are indeed part of the U.S. or if you are a foreigner (in which case the International Traffic in Arms Restrictions kick in to control the release of data, and the whole thing turns into a different mess).
Anyway, what kind of geometry are you looking for, a clean three-view? Can you be a bit more specific as to what technical drawings you want?

(born in Hackensack)
Jersey Devil:
Folks have be converting plastic model F-16's for years. if you need data way not simply pick-up one of the many available kits. and go from there.

Also for my own edification:
Could you please explain the difference between New Jersey and South Jersey..I've heard it's a Great Place to be From:) Wouldn't South Jersey be Delaware;) Ah Ha! Sorry I couldn't help myself...Stuck in D.C.
Originally posted by Micromister
Could you please explain the difference between New Jersey and South Jersey

It's one group of taken-for-granted people trying to assert themselves against a more high profile group, to avoid being overlooked. Like the people in St. Paul, Minn who resent being lumped with Minneapolis. Or the folks in East St. Louis (ever heard of it?). Or the people in Kansas City, Kansas.

We have the same thing going on here in the Fort-Worth/Dallas metroplex. It really chaps their posterior when you refer to the big airport as the 'Fort Worth' airport (because it actually is IN Fort Worth, and no part of it is in Dallas).
Ok well...

1) I'm looking mainly for dimensions of the wings and tailfins so that I can properly scale them down easily. I don't want to just guess because it would probably end up looking like crap.

2) People assume all of New Jersey is just like North Jersey near NY where it's all just highways, refineries, and garbage dumps but I have just two words to prove that South Jersey is different from up north....pine barrens. In the most densely populated state we have forests that cover over 1/4 of the state with less than 10 people per square mile. We're the reason why the license plates say "Garden State" Ok, done my rant I guess.