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Dec 31, 2002
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For my 500th post I thought I might write about a subject I have not seen on here before...canopies.

I could search I suppose and find a thread or two, but what the heck I'll start my own.

Walmart is carrying the EZ-UP canopies that are a must at any launch that you attend. The model is called the "Embassy"
Must be special for Wally World, as the Embassy does not show up on the EZ-UP web site. The going rate in Huntsville, AL is $92.23 for a 10 X 10 canopy in Hunter green, with carry tote and wheels.

I have been rocketeering since I was a BAR in Nov 1997...It is about time I got me one...no more borrowing shade from other fliers at the launch site no sireee!!
...but! should I attend a launch that you are at, and you are in need of shade, my canopy is your canopy.

"Got shade?"
How ironic....I purchased an EZ-Up "Embassy" just two days ago at Wal-Mart.

The construction of my lean-to at the last family camp out prompted my wife to look for alternate sources of shade. (The kids kept tripping over all the guy wires!....I warned them....)

So we finally went hi-tech and spent some $$ on an EZ-UP. It's maiden voyage will be at NSL.

I agree, canopies are very useful. I bring mine out at our local launches for a "base of operations". Gives you that cozy, "shop" like feeling and helps me to stay better organized. Besides, when the sun has been beating on you for a few hours and the temps go up, it becomes a welcome oasis. ;)
And of course, it's open to any flyers that come out if they need to use it but, I get dibs on at least 1/2 the table and the trusty lawnchair. ;)

I seem to recall they get used to keep rockets dry when it rains more than shade!

I hate going to a big launch...NARAM, Whitaker...and spending all the time under a canopy!

Don't touch the electric fence during the rain!

I thought I would save money so I bought a non-EZ-UP canopyfor $50. the thing had a million little poles and was a pain to set up. I was relieved when it blew down and was destroyed on a windy day.

even with the EZ-UP I find the shade moves around so if you really want to keep stuff out of the sun, plan to move things around during the day, or buy two!
I bought a 10x15 for 30 big ones at wal-mart, even has a bug screen, I havent used it yet though
We also have a Dick's Sporting goods, and they offer a First-Up canopy...I visited a store and checked out the floor model...I merely touched it, and it shook like a bowl of Jello. retails for $79.98

Walmart also sells a version of the First-Up for $92.23...I passed and opted for a product I know is quality. EZ-UP is the stuff!
Mine is called QuickShade. I believe it's 10'x10' and is a one piece unit except for the canopy material, which goes on with velcro. The inside (of the canopy) is coated with an aluminum type coating which keeps the sun from building up heat under it. I can usually set this thing up myself, in about 5 min. Easy enough to move around. Comes with stakes and a carrying bag. Would like to pick up some side panels or make some out of tarp to use as a wind break. Just a comfort thing.
I just got a e-z up three weeks ago to take to NSL. The Sierra, it was 1/2 off at Gart Sports.
I was hoping for a lighter color to reflect sunlight back, to help reduce the heat, but for right now, Green will do.

I would have loved to have been able to attend NSL...where is it going to be at next year??
I'm still using one of the 20 dollar el cheapo's from Wal Mart. It takes us about 10 minutes or so to set it up, unless there's a good breeze blowing.

We originally started with one of those that had the screen sides, but it was too much of a hassle not being able to exit from any side, especially when a heads up is called out.

An EZ up is on the agenda, one of these days, I'll have one, or something similar.
Our Harris Teeter Grocery store had a special last month you spend $50 a week for 16 weeks and you get a free 10X10 canopy, its not the most sturdy thing but its easy to put up the top stays attached to the frame and it has a carrying case. Next special is an inflatable mattress.
I have an EZ-up. When I decide to replace it, I will get a port-a-shade. It has the silver coating on the inside. Much cooler. You can feel the difference. It's nice to be able to "shop and compare" at a launch. My EZ up has served me well, but the bag ripped on the first use, and it is starting to wear out after a few years of heavy use.

Pep Boys is carrying Quick shades for $60 in a 10X10 and $80 or so for a 12X12. It has the silver lining too and the wheeled bag.
Scottsdale Arizona...

Born and Raised Maricopa county...Phoenix!
I just saw that Target has a 10X10 for $69 and that includes the detachable bug-netting :)

Of course this is a week after I bought mine....:mad:
Originally posted by Hospital_Rocket
Of course this is a week after I bought mine....:mad:
Take the receipt back and ask for the difference in price. Most stores will honor a price reduction up to 30 days.
What was the brand? Alot of mfg's make a COPY of the EZ-UP, but there is only one EZ-UP!!

If it is an EZ-UP, I will get my $30 bucks back...
,,,never mind, it is a copy called the Easy-Set...I'll keep the EZ-UP:D

Thanks for the heads up though
I'm planning on getting the addon sides (for wind protection) or making something from tarp for my Quickshade. Well built unit.

Quickshade setup
Does anybody have any experience with the Coleman Shade House? I just saw that one is on sale at a local store, but hadn't heard it mentioned on anyone's "A-List"...