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Feb 11, 2010
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Hey guys im building a loc percision expediter right now.I put a eye bolt in the centering ring for my shock cord mount and i dry fitted it and my arm is not long enough to tighten the quick link.I can get the quick link on to the eye bolt but not tighten.What is the best thing to do. Thanks
I believe the instructions called for a loop type shock cord mount. You must be doing a custom shock mount.

Could you ditch the quick link, tie a loop on the end of your shock cord, feed the plain end through the eye and through the loop you just made?

You can always replace it that way.
If your arm is too big to fit in there ; there is always the option of finding a kid with a skinny arm to reach in there.;)

Had to do that myself once or twice.

I could do it that way so do i need a nomex shock cord protector so the shock cord does not burn up.Thanks Alex
Hmmm, if making it custom why not a 1/2 nomex shock cord?
You could put the elastic cord on the end of that. Use a flame resistant chute protector as well.
I think i will do that the way you told me to tie a loop stick the other end through the eye bolt and then through the loop will that be strong.Its a big rocket.
I'd ditch the elastic. It's one part of LOC kits I'm not too fond of.

Tubular kevlar is a good choice for what your doing. The 3/8" stuff vendors sell works well. Four feet of it would get you out of the body tube to transition to a tubular nylon shock cord. And of course a nomex chute protector.

Should i try to keep doing the quick links. I can get my hand all the way down the tube but just not able to tighten it.Let me know if you know any thing else i can do.Thanks
1.) Put a DeH8 Loop on both ends of the Kevlar(R) cord and make it at least 1 foot longer than the depth of the airframe. IMO more is better.

2.) Attach a string on to one of the loops and put the other end of the string through the eyebolt and the through the other loop.

3.) Pull on the string. The Kevlar will be pulled out of the airframe and the other end will be securely looped through the eyebolt.

4.) If you want to use a quick link, now you can on the loop that is outside the airframe.

Here's a simple and strong to make a DeH8 loop in Kevlar(R). You don't need the link and you can just leave an eye loop.


It's as strong as the Kevlar(R)