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Adventurous flying today! This month I tried to maximize my flying fun by doing as much rocket prep at home during the week as I could, which included building the L910 ahead of time. I don't have Pro75 hardware (aside from the closure/nozzle carrier) and planned to use it in the Gorilla 75/3500 snap ring case I bought from Gary who makes Gorilla's cases. I doubt if the ones he sells here on the forums qualify as commercial cases, but my local launches are all research launches so it wouldn't matter anyways, and since AMW/Gorilla are case cross-compatible and I've got a hubcap adapter there is no functional issue with firing a Pro75 2 grain reload (with spacer) in the 3500 case.

Anyhoo, this effort was defeated Thursday when I realized that the snap ring pliers I have are not manly enough to handle the giant snap rings in a 75mm motor. So this morning before the launch I rushed over to Ace, bought some bigger ones, and got back to loading. Unnnfortunately my ring slipped off the pliers inside the tube and got cocked sideways. Removing it was extremely difficult and ended up gouging the inside of the case; the raised metal didn't look like something I wanted to rub o-rings over without cleaning up, but I said "eff it" and decided to just leave and see if I could borrow a CTI case at the launch. Luckily Tom's Rockets had a Pro75 3G case to lend me, so I finished building it up and sent the rocket on its way.

Beautiful flight to 8600'! I was scatterbrained and forgot to attach my video camera but here are the stills:

This was my first 75mm motor and first L. I was surprised at how much fire spat out of the motor from the igniter, followed by a pause of no fire or smoke, followed by ROAAAR. Igniter:

Then there was nothing, and a second later this:


C-star is a pretty awesome propellant:


Tight crop from just after apogee, it was clear enough to see from 8000 feet below:


One unexpected benefit of the stickershock wrap is just how glossy the rocket is, it glints brightly on the descent and really aids with finding it in the sky after apogee.

Did my best to hit the trees, but it landed in the clearing just behind:


That complicated medusa of eggtimer products and chinese lipos worked out well, but I really need to clean up the wiring. This thing is going to get a new electronics arrangement before the next flight.
Yep! It was actually pretty windy. Not as bad as December, but nearly so for at least the first half of the day. It was calmer when I flew this one and despite a hearty angling into the wind she still drifted like crazy.
Post flight data download:

Flight Summary
Eggtimer TRS 1.05A Flight Settings
...Drogue <1=Normal,2=Backup,0=OFF>...1
...Main Altitude <50-2000 by 50, 0=OFF>...500
...Frequency (Ctrl-F to change)...917
...ID Code...5
...Lastname TRS
ASL Alt.: 134 ft
Base Temp: 34.5 C
Beep Code: 0
Last Flight Phase: 9
Flight Time: 147.100
Apogee: 8608 ft
T @ Apogee: 22.100
Max Velocity: 918 ft/sec
T @ Max Velocity: 3.600
Avg Accel @ Max Veloc: 255.00 ft/sec2
G: 7.92

LDA: 213 ft
Time @ LDA:1.150
Altitude @ Unlock: 8544 ft
T @ Unlock: 20.450
Altitude @ N-O: 8595 ft
T @ N-O: 23.100
Altitude @ Drogue Deploy: 8595 ft
T @ Drogue Deploy: 23.100
Altitude @ Main Deploy: 444 ft
T @ Main Deploy: 125.100

Open Rocket simmed to 8996' and 981fps
Here is what actually happened: 8608' and 918fps

Within 5% of predicted altitude is close enough for me.



Just ordered an L1720 for next time. :cool:
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I'm really interested in your method for mounting the TRS antenna via the RP-SMA connector. I'm hoping to do something like this, but I am a little unclear on the best method for attaching the antennae to the shock cord in a way that doesn't put strain on the board. Could you post a pic of this? Thanks.
Everything's kind of covered up in tape to protect it from ejection charge gasses, but here is the picture of where it passes through the bulkhead:


The patch cable connects to the board (bottom side in the pic) and runs straight to a hole in the bulkhead. At this hole the cable is hot glued and covered in tape to provide a small amount of anchoring.

Above the bulkhead the slack in the patch cable is looped and the antenna is taped in place against the shock cord. This way, even at maximum shock cord pull, there will always be slack in the cable and none of the force will be transferred to the board.
Thanks. That's exactly what I wanted to know.
Flew this one again today on a CTI L1720 inside a Gorilla-style snap ring ex case using the AMW hubcap adapter just to make things as confusing as possible during assembly.

Holy crap did this motor go hard, I had trouble photographing it well. Good smoke way up at apogee, which was over 10,900' according to the TRS making it my first two mile flight. Data download to follow.




It arced a bit into the wind over the flightline on the way up, but touched down maybe 1/2-3/4 of a mile downwind with the main at 500'. Again, I love the reflective glint of the Stickershock wrap - I could easily see it two miles up. Landed in a swamp, luckily no submerged electronics and I didn't get bitten by a snake or a gator so I'll count this one as a win.

I really don't have any more room to go on this thing without breaking the waiver here, so I guess I need to get started on the Ultimate Wildman sitting in the corner...
Brief video of the pink wildman going to 5100' on an Aerotech K1103X. My first Propellant X motor, nobody at the launch had any familiarity with it so it was a learning experience for us all. Kicked pretty hard! Perfect recovery, laid down about 10' from the edge of a tall patch of trees. Couldn't ask for an easier flight, except for the fact that I left my box of motor hardware accessories at home by accident and had to locate and borrow one of the three pieces of my aeropack 75-54 adapter. Oops.


Still need to do the data download for both of the last two flights. Been busy building the Ultimate!
Data for the future searchers of the archives:

54mm/1706 Aerotech K1103-X Flight Summary:

Eggtimer TRS 1.05A Flight Settings
...Drogue <1=Normal,2=Backup,0=OFF>...1
...Main Altitude <50-2000 by 50, 0=OFF>...500
...Frequency (Ctrl-F to change)...917
...ID Code...5
...Name TRS
ASL Alt.: 123 ft
Base Temp: 34.3 C
Beep Code: 0
Last Flight Phase: 9
Flight Time: 116.950
Apogee: 5148 ft
T @ Apogee: 17.450
Max Velocity: 658 ft/sec
T @ Max Velocity: 1.550
Avg Accel @ Max Veloc: 424.52 ft/sec2
G: 13.18

LDA: 219 ft
Time @ LDA:1.050
Altitude @ Unlock: 5062 ft
T @ Unlock: 15.600
Altitude @ N-O: 5099 ft
T @ N-O: 18.450
Altitude @ Drogue Deploy: 5099 ft
T @ Drogue Deploy: 18.450
Altitude @ Main Deploy: 492 ft
T @ Main Deploy: 91.450

Not bad for a relatively small 54mm motor on a big rocket!

75mm/3 grain CTI L1720 Flight Summary:

Eggtimer TRS 1.05A Flight Settings
...Drogue <1=Normal,2=Backup,0=OFF>...1
...Main Altitude <50-2000 by 50, 0=OFF>...500
...Frequency (Ctrl-F to change)...917
...ID Code...5
...Name TRS
ASL Alt.: -242 ft
Base Temp: 36.9 C
Beep Code: 0
Last Flight Phase: 9
Flight Time: 180.850
Apogee: 10931 ft
T @ Apogee: 23.850
Max Velocity: 1390 ft/sec
T @ Max Velocity: 2.550
Avg Accel @ Max Veloc: 545.10 ft/sec2
G: 16.93

LDA: 202 ft
Time @ LDA:1.000
Altitude @ Unlock: 10884 ft
T @ Unlock: 22.500
Altitude @ N-O: 10917 ft
T @ N-O: 24.850
Altitude @ Drogue Deploy: 10917 ft
T @ Drogue Deploy: 24.850
Altitude @ Main Deploy: 498 ft
T @ Main Deploy: 152.850

Not bad for an L2 flight!