Explosions rock NY neighborhood, critically injures teen

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Feb 7, 2009
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DELMAR, New York USA — A 15-year-old burned in a house explosion that rocked a Delmar neighborhood Saturday remains hospitalized in critical condition Sunday evening. Westchester Medical Center spokesman David Billig said Keenan Sánchez is still being treated for injuries suffered in the fire that flattened his house at 151 Adams Place. Bethlehem Police Lt. Tom Heffernan Jr. said investigators were still looking into the cause of the explosion and fire. Debris recovered at the scene has been sent to a lab for analysis, but that may take several weeks to identify.

When you store chemicals at home, and they are not properly placarded (labelled) AND when the local fire authority has no idea what the chemicals are, they will usually let your house burn to the ground and simply attempt to stop the fire from spreading to neighboring houses using water and/or foam on those houses or as a barrier.

They will not spray water into your house full of chemicals because water can make many chemicals release heat and explosive gasses and make the fire or situation worse.

Then you can explain your "hobby" to your insurance company (and the fire inspectors).
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Funniest typo of the year has been corrected. Wheeeeeeeee!

Even I can make a mistake. It should have been "Bradburian". :eek:

Maybe I was thinking "DaveBarrian". Which is a newly coined word without a single Google hit. ;)