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Jan 20, 2009
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I was hoping one of you old schoolers could tell me exactly what Cold Power is, how it works, etc. etc. Also if it's possible to get today.

Reason behind all this is I saw plans on Ye Old Rocket Shoppe. I'm thinking about cloning it.

Post a line.
Well, cold power was a strange idea Estes got from another company...I forget the name...there was a really good article in Sport Rocketry magazine a while back on the Valkarie line of "Cold Power rockets.

Basically a "cold propellant" which was liquid under pressure was used to fill the fuel tank on the rocket, When the valve opened the gas was released and woosh...the rocket took off

Unfortunately...the propellant used was freon R-12 the same stuff used in the older car air conditioning systems.

Freon R-12 is a chloro-flourocarbon gas...we all know what THAT does to the ozone layer don't we.

I think the company was Vashon. I had an Estes Screamin' Eagle Land Rocket, which was a ColdPower version of the new Blurzz cars.

edit: that's what I get for going and doing something else while in the middle of composing a message :)

I have two questions: Is it cloneable? Can I use the new type of Freon?

Thanks Sandman for the info, and Thanks NUBlackshirts for the link.
I have two questions: Is it cloneable? Can I use the new type of Freon?

I wouldn't bother...they were nothing special to look at. Basically 3 or 4 fins and a nose cone.

Spend your efforts on a "Der Red Max" or an Orbital Transport...almost anything else.

I'll will take your advice. If I do see one on ebay I'll probably get it. Other than that I guess I won't waste my efforts.
Hey Wyldbill, I had the Lightnin' Bug land rocket. I remember we converted it to use BP motors (I think C's). Man would that thing move!
They were originally made by Vashon, which was later bought out by Estes. I have one of the Valkerie models, which belonged to my brother and was flown only 3 or 4 times. One of these days I plan to restore it and fly it again, just because it's so unique. The rocket consists of an aluminum "motor" (actually a propellent tank) with a nozzle at one end and some kind of thin disk thingy on the other end. Forward of the motor there is a short length of very thin-walled aluminum tube, then about 4 or 5 inches of cardboard tube, and a styrofoam nosecone. Everything had to be extremely light on this rocket because the performance is lousy compared to regular Estes black powder motors.

There's a small pin with a loop at one end which locks a plug into place in the nozzle. A string is tied to the loop of the pin. To launch, you pull the string and the plug is released. Since it's non-pyrotechnic, you can do this from right next to the rocket.

The stuff that has replaced Freon can be used in these rockets, though the performance may be slightly lower.

If you wanted to clone one you would need to machine the motor and other metal parts. Not really worth the effort, IMHO.
I saw a link where someone tried several compressed gas propellants other than the original freon. IIRC they all worked but with maybe a tad less thrust, but I'm not sure about that. You might try searching the web a bit more.

I personally would like to have and try a cold-power motor, but wouldn't spend much on it.