Executioner Looks Like NCR Phantom

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Jan 1, 2003
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I just finished building my Estes Executioner and was planning on the Estes paint scheme. Then I stood it next to my NCR Phantom 4000 and it looks exactly like a scaled down version except for the nose cone, the Phantom NC seems to have more stretch. Now I'm thinking of doing the Executioner finish just like the Phantom. Can anyone suggest another NC for the Executioner that would closely resemble the scale of the Phantom?
You might could use a LOC or Aerotech 2.56" NC. The AT NC is a 5:1 ogive, I think, which would make it a little long, since the Phantom's cone is about 4:1 ogive.

BTW, I had the SAME exact thought when I did what you did! LOL :D :D

Thanks Jason, I think I'll order me a new NC and do the Phantom paint scheme, it's a lot easier than the Estes scheme. That way I can get onto my next project which just arrived today; the Neubauer 4" Gemini Titan.

Just got my Executioner built this weekend, it uses the same nosecone as the Phoenix(which I also built this weekend), I just R'simed the Executioner last night, good stability with a D12 engine without adding any noseweight, decent stability with an Estes E engine without adding noseweight, might want to consider adding 'just a leetle' noseweight if you're gonna fly it on E's, without any noseweight, stability with an E is just right at the one caliber line.... should work, but better to be safe than sorry.