Executioner launch mostly successful

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Dec 4, 2003
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Cracked a fin...but she'll fly again :D

The executioner ejected successfully, but had a tangled chute and landed hard. End result: One fin broke free of its fillets. It has already been repaired.

All that baffling I had in the executioner made the nose cone come off rather sluggishly...but it came off. The ejection charge also kicked off the cap on the end of the motot mount I had deliberately glued very lightly as a safety precaution... this was my built in 'weak point in case of failure' :D. It's much preferable that is would do this than eject the motor out the back :)

More of a problem was the tangled chute. I'm not certain, but I think the chute became tangled around the quicklink I had attached to the keyring, which in turn is connected to the duel shock cords. I think I'll just forget about the quick-link a loop the chute through itself right on the shock cord, Estes-style.

Another minor problem was the motor used...my Exec weighs 11 oz, and for that much weight on a D motor...which is what I chose for it's maiden flight...it should have had a 3 second delay. However, I didn't have any D12-3s, so I used a D12-5. An 11 oz Exec doesn't go very high on a 'D' engine...if the rocket had been higher, or the delay shorter, the chute might have had time to straighten out.

Changes for future flights of this Exec:
1) Don't reglue the cap on the end of the motor mount, an just use recovery wadding for future flights of this rocket.
2) Remove the quicklink from the revovery system, and tie chute directly onto the shock cord.
3) Shorter relative delay.

It's next flight is going to be on an E9-6, which should be just about the right delay for an E.

Changes for any future Execs I might build:
1) Red Arrow hobbies sells a PML-style piston. I will try that approach instead of the baffling, for a non-payloader like an Exec.
2) If and when I build another Exec, I will build it with a 29mm motor mount :D
3) I would build it with Red-Arrow or Giant leap flexible phenolic tubing for the motor mount, to handle the greater forces of most 29mm motors.
4) Birch or phenolic centering rings.
5) I would apply 2 part foam to the fin can.
dual shock cords ,key ring, quick link ,agressive baffle,
... makes for alot of things to snag up a simple D engine rocket fight / recovery
not to mention the performance dampening extra weight
mabey save those mods for a much more powerfull build.like your 29mm version,,I think experimenting is a great part of the hobby....but don't forget the KISS principal in the process

sounds like your on the right track and not afraid to try your ideas
thats what it's all about
My Executioner's on the way, can't wait, should perfectly compliment my Maxi V-2... I wish Estes would've strayed a little from their cheap plastic chutes and elastic shock cords for these models, also would've been nice to see thicker wall cardboard tubing.
good point Larry,
they have these kits with different and stronger materials
than go and toss a stock estes recovery pack in...
didn't estes sell nylon chutes at one point?
or was that NCR?
Don't give up on the baffel system to quick. I have five rockets I have made baffels for and have had real good luck. The baffel setup in the next two pictures I made for a scratch built rocket almost the exact same weight and height as the Executioner. In fact I used this same system for my Executioner and it works great.

I use a mesh inside the motor tube using Quickie brand Copper Mesh Scourers found at WalMart. I usually cut them in half with a sissors.

This one is of the fin can with the baffel in place. Shockcord hooks in the middle. A lot like the Aerotech system. This rocket flew three perfect flights on D12-3s before it was painted just to see how it was going to fly. It didn't go very high, but the baffel worked great. Since then it has flown more than a dozen times on various reloads used in the 24/40 system.

One more picture. This is of the rocket finished. It has flown on. E28s, F12s,F24s, and F39s. Always have had good luck with it.:)

Hey NewEntity1, I have an Executioner that weighs approx. 12oz. I have launched twice on E9-4's and I would not consider adding any more delay with this weight. The flights were sucessfull and low with no damage at all. The E motors are very slow off the pad. Your mods are very interesting and I would maybe consider the 4-sec. delay with that weight. Just my observations.:)
Originally posted by Larry
One more picture. This is of the rocket finished. It has flown on. E28s, F12s,F24s, and F39s. Always have had good luck with it.:)


Good choice on the paint scheme. I'm not sure DJ's current colors would be the best choice for a rocket ;) .

Larry: Nice paint job! I wish my paint jobs turned out so nice :eek: [/B][/QUOTE]

Thanks, I built this rocket in 1998. Walmart had what was suppose to be testors paints in the official Team colors. So it is painted in quality Care 88 Red and Blue official colors:D
Happy Birthday(a little late)

Yea, I'm not to sure I would like a Brown rocket. I really liked the Quality Care colors on that car. It does look pretty good on the rocket as well...