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Jan 18, 2009
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Just a quick note to say that I just received my first order from Excelsior and was totally amazed at the quality of the packaging used.

Decals were inside a zip-lock bag, which was inside folded cardboard, which was inside a cardboard priority mail envelope.

Heck, my college diploma wasn't packaged this well !!! :D :D :D

Oh, the decals were nice, too. :p

Thanks Fred.
Thank YOU for the kind words Gus!!

Yes,these decals are fragile. I believe that I have finally come up with a method of shipping that protects the decal, yet does not a pile of $$ to the cost.

I just bought a quantity of those 3 mil magazine baggies to hold the decals, so they should work out fine.

Look for me at NARAM... On Sat and Sunday I will be wearing my Excelsior Rocketry T-shirt!!