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Fore Check

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Sep 24, 2010
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How could you make an already zany classic even crazier?!?


Astronboy slipped a bonus set of decals in my latest order for his new retro-bash design, the Der Goony Max!

The decals are a HILARIOUS cross between the old Goonybird theme and the Der Red Max.

To build, kitbash a Baby Bertha kit by making Der Red Max fins for it, paint it accordingly, and apply the custom decals!!

What a great idea!

Here's some pix:
Finally, here it is posing with my Der Red Max clone for comparison.
For those of you who care about the details,

I whipped up a model of this on RockSim (demo version) and decided to go with the "stock" 18mm motor mount. with a C6-5 installed, it sim's to about 850'. A D12-5 requires an ounce or more of nose weight and only sims to about 1200'. A C6-5 gave a stability caliber of about 1.1, btw.

Thanks Fred!

What a GREAT idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is TOO COOL! Excellent idea....

I've been thinking of bashing a Fat Boy to make a "Fat Max". Great minds think alike. (could even make a "Fat Goblin")

It looks great!!
I would try to make the nose cone look like the goofy helmet with a spike and a curved brim!

Fore Check... were you able to launch this yet? I would really love some launch pics!!

LOL, no, I just finished it yesterday evening. Maybe this weekend, but I'm not sure on that.
I just wanted to pipe in that I put the "finishing touches" on the Goony Max today. I let the decals dry for 24 hours then apply a thick coat of Testor's High Gloss Enamel Overcoat (#1814) and boy, is she purdy now! It would be silly to post a pic because all you'd get is a glare from the flash!

BTW, that Testors gloss cote is da bomb!
We'd love to see a picture so could you turn off the flash and take the picture outdoors?
I got my Goony Max out for a couple of flights today!

Nice flying rocket! I'd say the 850' predicted by RockSim was pretty accurate.

I used an 18" ripstop chute for recovery, so drift was a bit higher, but not a problem.

Both flights were on a C6-5. This might have been a bit long of a delay, as she had arced past apogee before ejection on both flights. But I didn't have any C6-3's on hand, and I'm sure that would have been too short as well.

I tried to get a lift-off pic (darn, I'm *BAD* at doing that!) but it didn't work. I even used the 3-picture-burst on the camera, but still managed to be too itchy on the trigger finger. What I did end up with is a nice shot of the rocket on the pad, moments before ignition.