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Sep 11, 2002
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Well, I am very happy to say that this decal/planset is now
available, and I am posting the first announcement here on Yahoo

As you guys know, I am a hapless collector, so I will be numbering
and signing the first 10 GOONYDENT decal/plansets that are produced.

here is the sales blurb about the GOONYDENT:

Sometimes the future doesn't always end up looking like the artist's
conceptions led us to believe. The GOONYDENT is a case in point. It
is not slim and trim, but brutish, and powerful. Although the ducted
cooling system is still there, the more massive design calls for an
uprated motor and a more rounded look. Despite this change, we are
sure that you will love building a model of this 'Atomic Space
Cruiser' of the future.

The GOONYDENT is the most advanced RETRO-BASH kit yet. We rate it at
a skill level 4 due to the vented ejection system: You see, the
GOONYDENT requires no recovery wadding as the ejection charge gasses
from the powerful D12-5 motor are vented from the Atomic Engine Pod,
through the Atomic Cooling Tubes, into the Forward Crew Compartment
in order to eject the 'laundry' for a peaceful descent back to earth.

The GOONYDENT decal/planset comes complete with decals instructions,
fin patterns, and tube marking wraps. You supply two Baby Bertha
kits, an extra Bertha style nosecone, 3 15.75" long BT-5 tubes, 6 BT-
5 'Mosquito' style nosecones, a 24mm Motor Mount (available from
Fliskits: www.fliskits.com ), 3/32" fin stock, and a two foot length
of 1/8" elastic shock chord.

Plans, patterns, and decals: $6.00

Thanks for the bandwidth!!



attached is a pic of the GOONYDENT taking off at NARAM 46:

OK, now that you guys know what the bare bones version looks like, Here is the pic of the GOONYDENT launching at NARAM:
I've never been big on "sci-fi" type projects but, I must admit, I like this particular design.
Thanks for the kind words. Please stay tuned for more GOONYs. I am hoping to release another next week, as well as announce some new decals.

Awesome! The launch photo has a sort of flying hourglass look!
Drew Tomko