Excelsior....decals!! TIP TOP!!

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Jul 23, 2002
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Most of you know him/them as ASTRONBOY. I recently recieved some decals from Fred and I have to tell you, I sure am glad I hooked up with him. Not having an ALPS printer really is a pain when you designing all sorts of new stuff and your biggest headache is the decal.

Good quality paper, superb workmanship and great customer service.


My LJ II kit uses Excelcior's decals.

Wait untill you see what we're working on!!:rolleyes:

Yer gonna love 'em!;)

Another happy customer here :)

Next up: Outlander - dressed as Mars Lander.

I built an old school Estes Renegade (the one that flew) with Fred's decals. Looks and flies great. He even included the fin patterns and instructions for turning a Screaming Mimi into a Renegade. (Well, I think it was a Screaming Mimi.)
Absolutely! Beautiful decals for my Starship Vega clone, but the stuff he did for my "other" project is truly unbelievable.
Drew Tomko
Gee.... thanks guys. I'm just a lonely rocket geek who draws decals.... :rolleyes:

BTW: All of the lost or damaged decal files have been restored, and the last of our back ordered 'stock' decal sets has been mailed out. There is still a backlog of custom orders, as it takes some time to draw these from scratch, and that time has been used to restore the lost files.

Anyway, I started doing this just so I could have some decals for myself, and I figured others would appreciate being able to get decals for their favorite old rocket, or custom decals a a decent price.

Thanks for all of your kind words!!

I just got my first set of decals from Excelsior, and I'll add to the recommendations -- they are of fine quality.

And, Fred bent over backwards to make me happy, after suffering a delay due to his computer problems. Bravo!

I finished all of my Goony kits, and a few that I designed, and I got all my decals from Astronboy.

I only have one complaint.

MAN, do I have a buttload of decals to put on!

Just a thought, but I have a few "The Launch Pad" kits that could use a decal set or two. I bet those would go over well! Perhaps I will make an inquiry soon.